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SuG diary translations
6th-May-2010 02:52 pm - Takeru, 2010-05-04
Thanks for your concern in the previous entry, but don't worry too much about it, she's still quite ok lol.

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3rd-May-2010 01:14 pm - Takeru, 2010-05-02/03
Hi! We're aware that someone has started offering translations for Takeru's blog, however, there are several things we felt were wrong in those translations so we've decided to skip ahead so you can see what Takeru is really saying. Please note, there is nothing wrong with translating liberally— all good translators do it, they just don't tell you about it. If any of you ever study Japanese in a formal setting, your teachers will probably tell you it's quite impossible to translate Japanese literally, especially into English. However, there is a BIG difference between translating liberally and completely changing the meaning of a sentence. These other translations have completely removed and then added words into Takeru's mouth completely changing the nuance of certain sentences. You are all free to read those translations if you wish, but personally I'd take care to not put your full faith in them as it's impossible to know how many inconsistencies and mistranslations may pop up in any one post.

That being said, due to Cherii's mental condition worsening due to stress, she has checked herself into the hospital and I will be bringing you Takeru's translations instead.

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3rd-May-2010 04:18 pm - masato, 2009-09
Bulk form time! :D
Also, who said we haven't been active? Sry for having a life.

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Yo, 'sup. For those of you who don't remember, Cherii was compiling all the important points in Takeru's entries in an attempt to clear the backlog. And trust me, you aren't missing anything by not having everything translated word-for-word.

That being said, since she's awfully busy I bring you some more twitter-like updates☆

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2nd-May-2010 12:40 am - Shouta, 2007-01-10
2007-01-10 00:07:54
After rehearsal.

I'm on my way home.

The train is really crowded~

I'm hungry~

Eating on a full stomach, I'll sleep around about 10~(^。^;)


Ah have you noticed! Have you noticed!

There's 3 days until SuG's 1st Live~

It's soon~(^_^;)

I'll do my best so we can do a good live!

Keep supporting us♪
2nd-May-2010 12:30 am - Shouta, 2007-01-08
2007-01-08 13:19:49

Is a day off~

I wonder how I'll spend it~


I'll clean!!

I'll playplay the bass if I finish~

I'll sleep since I'm full from eating!!

It's like that!!

This kind of taste... is so lovely♪

Well, I'll clean♪ [hahaha I like how he's indecisive xD]
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